Builders & General Contractors

Lord Electrical Services provides Single Family Residential, Multi-Family Residential and Commercial Electrical Services to Builders and General Contractors in Longmont and the surrounding areas of Colorado.

Top 4 Reasons Lord Electrical Services is Longmont’s #1 Electrician for Builders and GM’s:

  • Home Builder Whole Project Pricing 
  • Responsive and Communicative to Superintendents
  • One year warranty to  Ensure Quality
  • Low Voltage Cabling Solutions 
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    Single Family Residential

    Lord Electrical Services handles everything electrical any Builder or GM needs from minor repairs and additions, to remodeling and circuit panel upgrades to meet the demands of the modern home.


    • Custom Homes
    • Semi-Custom Homes
    • Spec Homes
    • Tract Homes

    Multi-Family Residential

    Lord Electrical Services can offer a full-service solution to any Multi-Family Residential project. We have extensive experience with projects ranging from major condominiums to apartment complexes. Our knowledge and experience allows us to deliver an excellent product at a competitive rate.


    • Project Management
    • Timely Completions
    • Quality Installations
    • Low voltage Cabling
    • Light Fixture Package Pricing



    Commercial Electrical Services

    Lord Electrical Services is equipped to manage all of your commercial building electrical requirements at every level. At each and every commercial level, our goal is to create a commercial electrical system that insures safety and energy efficiency, while at the same time equipping work spaces for maximum productivity.


    • Ground up New Construction “Core & Shell”
    • Hotel and other large building structures
    • Low Voltage Cabling
    • LED Lighting Retrofits

    Low Voltage Cabling

    Our low voltage and home automation division offers many cost and energy saving features.


    • Lighting Control
    • Appliance Control
    • Wireless Remotes
    • Motion Detection
    • Camera Monitoring

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